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When Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein, the world lived its first industrial revolution, and the questions that came up in society were two: are we becoming monsters? Are we losing our identity?In the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, that of Artificial Intelligence, Paolo Gallo questions other questions: what are we learning?
This talk starts as a personal story between a father and a son, but it echoes in everyone's life. Why? Because it explores some of today's most interesting questions: What's the definition of success? How do we achieve it?

From you

From you

Managerama TV - Interview de Paolo Gallo, Happy At Work Forum 2018.

Hult Graduation commencement speech, London August 2016

Salon HR Geneva - Presentation for October 3, 2018 

Video for Leadership gathering @Antwerp Business Scholl 

Cosa vuol dire carriera di successo? 

Message from Daniel Pink, Linda Hill, Dorie Clark, Adam Grant, Amy Edmondson and Vicky Clark

Meaningful quotes

Interview at Ca Foscari, Venice

Il 12 aprile 2017 Smartive ha organizzato insieme alla rivista Link e Talent Garden un evento di presentazione del libro La Bussola del successo di Paolo Gallo, direttore HR del World Economic Forum e manager di lunga esperienza internazionale.
PAOLO GALLO Principal executivo de RH do Fórum Econômico Mundial